Sometimes you need a little more.
    Sometimes it pays to stand out.

Different Beat Consultants, LLC creates highly individualized marketing to reach your niche customer or constituent. We help you target specific market segments. We take the extra care necessary to determine why you love what you do or what you sell so that your customers and clients will better understand why they should love it, too. Our creativity helps your message spread exponentially using grassroots growth techniques saving you time and money.

Whether your project is big or small, our consultants at Different Beat can help you find a new rhythm to reach the person that walks to the beat of a different drummer.

Why? Because the mysteries to everything in life lie in the answer to the question why. We love knowledge and this is what we love to do – whether you need individualized consultation to reach a child with autism, run a statewide political campaign or reach the world with a new product.

That’s how we roll.